Just One Link is essentially a mini website that provides a streamlined, and perfectly suited for mobile, list of all of your online links. It can be regularly used in your link in bio or for the promotion of special projects, music releases and events.


Unlike the other companies offering a similar product and turning them out with a generic look and feel, our team of graphic designers create every JustOneLink specifically for each client. In other words, your brand will look better with a JustOneLink. To get yours simply fill out the form on this site, email your picture, logo and/or artwork to design@justonelink.net, and our team will send back your finished product within 48 hours (on business days).


this product is great for...

anyone trying to push their brand

Constantly listing off all of the places where you're available online gets really old. “Find me on Facebook as... my handle on Instagram is... on Twitter I am... etc.”  Even if you have your own website, people would still rather find you on their preferred network. Make it easy for them with JustOneLink.


music creators pushing a project

With JustOneLink, you get the most out of your marketing. Your fans will be happy because you give them the option to easily get your music on their preferred platforms. Plus, your promotion process will be a million times easier because you only have to promote one link that has everything.

JustOneLink is a product of Miami Design House, LLC. JustOneLink acts as a redirect service and has no affiliations with any of the companies, brands, logos, etc., featured on our products and/or marketing materials.